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Created based on income and willingness to consume, The Local Dot Service Area provides you with 25,000 homes that are mot likely to consume your products and services. The Local Dot delivers to various parts of Downtown Scranton, Green Ridge, North Scranton, Dickson City, Clarks Summit, Olyphant, Blakely, Moosic, and Dunmore.


Our approach is quite simple. We use specific metrics to target clientele based on their income in geographic locations within your region. Your ad won’t be displayed to consumers who would consider you “out of the way or too expensive” In doing so, your ad becomes very effective.


Blanket Coverage sends to anyone within a target area, regardless of income. You end up spending more per piece, increasing your notoriety, but lowering your likelihood for positive returns.

Facebook Ads

Cost $300 - $500
These are just impressions just like a billboard. It's not bad if you are looking to just get your company brand out there. However, if your looking for a ROI this would not be the way to do it.

Google Ad Words

Cost $1500 - $2150
Google Ads are a great tool for your marketing arsenal. However, at a much higher cost to use. All pricing here is determined by the demand for the correct keywords. This also could cost you money when you choose incorrect keywords.

Email Blasts

Cost $500 - $900
Remember when advertisers used to send tons of mail every week just to have a chance to get you to use their product. Well since then advertisers have chosen to use the cheaper route of emails. Sending them more often creating Spam. Since this happened email response rates have dropped nearly 54% making it difficult to find that ROI.

The Local Dot

50,000 - 100,000 Views
Cost $450 - $600
Using new technology we are able to now specifically target individuals based on location and house hold income. Thus making your advertisements more effective at a lower cost. Adding The local dot to your marketing mix will help show that ROI.


Professional Design Included

Give your company that professional look.

Local Events Listed Monthly

Drawing the reader in to see your ads

Ad Is Sent To You

For your marketing campaign

All Ads Are Equal

We designed the magazine with this in mind to give consumers something to do!

Current Campaign Integration

Integrating The Local Dot with your current campaign will help create a multimedia marketing campaign. Multimedia marketing is likely to increase ROI. What we mean by this is when you are seen across multiple platforms your ideal consumer is more likely to purchase a good or service from you.

80% of all households read or browse their mail advertisements. In 2010 direct mail increased US company sales by $702 billion.

Current Campaign Integration

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